GIR Spatula


This is a super little product I stumbled across a few weeks ago ~ and fabulous for me to cook with as I have a dreadful habit of using metal cooking implements on non-stick pans (eeek! my husband Mick hates it and is always giving out to me for doing so!) and more annoyingly for me whilst cooking, wooden spatulas which I leave on the side of the pan handle which the food is cooking or frying, only to come back 5 minutes later and find the handle half burnt!

Designed to mix, fold, sauté and stir foods at any temperature, initially when I saw this spatula I thought it was pretty nifty as it can be heated to such high temperatures (from -40˚ to 464˚F) without burning, plus it’s all one piece of moulded silicone which is brilliant for cleaning easily and it virtually indestructible. They come in one size and in a great range of 11 colours and honestly, once you start using them like I have, you’ll be hard pushed to use other wooden or metal tools again. It’s also a great, inexpensive stocking filler too for the cook in the family.

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