Pizza Maker

I love pizza, in fact it’s one of my favourite foods, as long as it’s a thin, stone base style I could eat it 7 days per week…
For years I was dubious about pizza makers until I worked with Chef Pete Evans a few years back on shooting his book. He had just brought out a pizza oven with Breville and I was stunned at how good a result you got when cooking pizza in one. I was out shopping a few days later and spied a load of pizza makers in boxes at my local kitchenware store and decided to purchase one. The brand I bought was ‘The Pizza Maker’ and it has been an super buy, we use it all the time and I rarely ever cook pizza in the regular oven now.

The Pizza MakerĀ® oven with the interchangeable stone base is specially developed to make pizzas. Designed with a pure ‘firestone’ cooking bed, the unique stone base delivers an intense heat which absorbs any moisture, ensuring your pizza has a crisp base right from the centre to the crust- YUM ! This electric oven has a simple three level temperature control and is so easy to use.

Pizza connoisseurs can either make their own fresh dough or use a ready-made, fresh or frozen base from the supermarket or deli. The Pizza Maker also works really well with Lebanese bread or wraps as bases Everyone will love the Pizza MakerĀ® oven. Great for delicious family meals in minutes, a quick snack when friends drop in or a healthy alternative for take away food. In addition to cooking all types of pizza, your Pizza Maker oven can make many other exciting foods with the interchangeable non-stick deep dish pan. Cook fluffy Omelettes and frittatas or you can use your deep dish pan to warm up many foods such as pies, quiches or pastries.

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