The Stock Merchant


When I first moved to Sydney I met a great guy by the name of Ben Dutton. Ben asked me if I’d like to design a logo and packaging for a new, exciting food product range he was developing? When I heard what this product was and the thinking behind it, I was sold. People are ethically-conscious and buy free-range chicken meat but then they stick it into a casserole dish or into a risotto and throw mass-produced, overly salty, and most importantly ~ non-cruelty-free meat stock all over it. It’s one of those really obvious ideas which few people ever think of ~ free-range stock.

This fully-flavoured stock is made the traditional way with genuine free range Australian chickens.

The Stock Merchant slowly simmers the bones with their specially selected vegetables and herbs for at least 10 hours, and then reduce the liquid. The result is a stock with a remarkable purity and depth of flavour. Use generously in risottos, stews, soups and more. No preservatives, no additives. It’s real food.

All-natural, no added salt, gluten free, no additives. 500ml per pouch.

Provenance of chicken bones: Free range chickens from Glenloth in Victoria.

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