Qualia’s Weekends of Wonderment.

2 years ago I was invited to one of the most amazing places in Australia ~ Qualia in Hamilton Island in Queensland’s Whitsunday islands. As a blogger I have ~ wonderfully and gratefully at times, been offered some incredible travel opportunities, but this one will always stand out as one of my most memorable and [...]

I’m Back!! Wooooopeee!

Ok, let’s face it… it’s been one heck of a long time in-between drinks… Finally ~ and after a somewhat unexpectedly longer hiatus than initially anticipated, I am delighted to announce WKA is back in action! *Happy dance* The past 10 months have been a total full-on whirlwind for me. During most of this time [...]

Hamilton Island’s qualia ‘Great Barrier Feast 2012′ with Guillaume Brahimi

About two months ago, I got a call one morning from my agent Sophie who told me Hamilton Island wanted to know if I would be interested in attending their ‘Great Barrier Feast 2012′ at their prestigious resort,¬†qualia¬†in early July? I thought about it for 0.000002 seconds and replied with an enthusiastic “Hmmmmm let me [...]