Since March 2012 I have been writing a monthly 8 page editorial feature for Australia's ABC Delicious Magazine. In which each month I write, cook, style and shoot 6 or 7 recipes based around a set theme or idea.

May 2012 ~ Italian Pasta Favourites


Italian food is without a doubt, my favourite kind. I adore Italy itself, especially Tuscany, and I have many fond memories of superb meals had during trips to this stunning part of the world over the years. I love nothing more than slow-roasting tomatoes and vegies such as capsicums, pairing them with pungent fresh herbs and producing great, flavour-packed, homemade sauces. It’s a great [...]

April 2012 ~ Easter Seafood Lunch

WKA_DEL_APRIL-3 APR_Katie-1 DEL 0412 OFC_4

Easter is traditionally a time for eating fish, so I wanted to share some great shellfish options for Easter Sunday lunch. I’ve suggested recipes that can be split into two separate menu options. For a more relaxed outdoor feel, the oysters, mussels, crab and bug tails provide a plentiful, flavoursome feast. Alternatively, if you prefer [...]

March 2012 ~ Brunch for Friends

KQD_Delicious_Mar 2012 (8 of 16) DEL 0312_4 MAR_Katie[1]-1

This was my very first editorial as a Delicious contributor. As it was set for the March edition, I wanted to make the most of the gorgeous Sydney Autumn weather ~ a season which is always so lovely in this part of the world. I decided to create a weekend get-together menu and based it [...]

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