*Toot toot*!!! The ‘What Katie Ate’ Book Deal with Penguin Books :-) *WooHoo*

CFCake1 Chocolate-Fudge-Cake-corrected CFcake2 BPE2011-051 BBMCpasta2 BPE2011-4491

SoI decided to bake a cake… a big, fattening, OTT, in-your-face cake… I did this as one of my fondest memories from being a kid was going to Wales one Summer (Llandudnoin particular – yes indeed, my folks were ‘tres swish’…) and being about 7 and going to a really cheesy restaurant with Mum and [...]

The Boathouse Palm Beach & Update.

Beach-House-for-Blog-3925 Beach-House-for-Blog-3921 Beach-House-for-Blog-3922 Beach-House-for-Blog-3923 Blogpb1 Boathouse-Pics1

All photos above © Katie Quinn Davies 2011 All 10 photos above strictly © The Boathouse & Glen Allsop All photos above © Katie Quinn Davies 2011 Hello Well *phew* I’ve had a crazy past few weeks work-wise and as such am falling a little behind on my blog posts.. (My want to get a [...]

Homemade Pasta Dishes – Cannelloni & Fettuccini; Chocolate Ganache Pancake Dessert & Chocolate Salted Caramel Hazelnut Pie

Poms Mickpastaprep Cannellonirecipe Cannelloni2 Cannellonisideon Prawn Pasta

Aussie pomegranates are currently in/coming into season and I ordered myself a bottle of pomegranate syrup from my local grocery store today (it’s amazing stuff ~ fruity, sour, and slightly bitter tastes but they’re currently out of stock so i have to wait a few days) I think it will make for the most incredible [...]

La Video…

Well, after a few weeks of waiting, I finally have a copy of the video from the current Martha Stewart iPad app as mentioned below. Very (very) bizarre to see and hear myself on a video (I’m normally the first to jump under the table if someone pulls out a camera in the pub and [...]

Quick Update & a Few ‘Filler-in-ers’ :)

Herbs_L0411WELEF-1_a Herbs_L0411WELEF-3 Herbs_L0411WELEF-2 Herbs_L0411WELEF-4 MS Ipad Image Screen shot 2011-03-27 at 10.31.51 PM

All MSL Photography above © Katie Quinn Davies 2011 {Screengrab above courtesy of the fabulous Mr Jason Grant x} Spreads from a recent shoot I styled and shot for Martha Stewart Living – April 2011 edition, BTW if you are lucky enough to have an iPad (I am trying to get my mitts on the [...]

Preserved Lemon, Rosemary & Garlic Roast Chicken, Helen’s Potatoes; Irish Lamb Stew Pie with Irish Mash; Apple, Ginger & Blueberry Shortcrust Pie

Studio Session-434 Studio Session-443 Studio Session-492 Studio Session-546pair Katie's irish mash Studio Session-519

*NOTE – So sorry – I just realised – in the above pie instructions, in the first para. when I said to add the flour and a tsp of cold water, I meant in addition to say ‘continue to mix in stand mixer to combine all ingredient before tipping out onto floured surface (!) Apologies [...]

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