What a week! *Phew*


Wow, what an utterly crazy past 2 weeks…. *eeek*! Thankfully the mad panic of the last 14 or so days has started to calm down work-wise for me and this week I can finally get back to focusing on some new recipes for the blog. Over the coming days I’ll be cooking and photographing some [...]

Chili Almonds

Chili Almonds Small

Image © Katie Quinn Davies Another quick an easy snack I’ve made a few times is one I originally found in a Jamie Oliver recipe book years ago. These chili almonds are great as a dinner party pre-drinks snack and like the chickpeas below, very quick to make and only contain three ingredients; almonds, chili [...]

Spicy Chickpeas

Chickpeas Small b Spices Small

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies This is an item I make every now and again as it’s very quick to prepare and uses little ingredients. My Spicy Roasted Chickpea recipe, is something I make to have as a snack here in the house for when I’m on the computer all day. I store them [...]

The ever expanding prop room….

Props 2

I’ve spent the day since 6am cooking; styling; photographing food; designing an identity; sending artwork to printers; cleaning up photos; cleaning up the house and studio; writing on my blog; finalising my website (with my Aussie web designer who is now in the U.K. and working from there for the next 3 weeks…) as well [...]

Echo’s Wine Stewed Rhubarb with Vanilla Cream

Rhubarb Cooked Small 2 Rhubarb Cooked Small 1

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies Fellow blogger Echo Hopkins from Absolutely Swell sent me a recipe the other day for a dreamy sounding Wine Stewed Rhubarb with Vanilla Whipped Cream which I made today for dessert (am seriously going to have to up the exercise quota this week). I love a recipe which involves [...]

Katie’s Sticky Chicken

Sticky Chicken Small 2 Sticky Chicken Small 1

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies Whilst I was making Paul’s Nan’s lemon chicken this afternoon for dinner, I had extra chicken legs left over and thought I may as well throw them in a baking tray and quickly make up the recipe – which I haven’t made in many months – for my ‘Sticky [...]

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