Wine Stewed Rhubarb Tartlets with Amaretti Cookie Crumble

Wine Rhubarb Tarts 2 Small

Image © Katie Quinn Davies I mentioned the other day that when I tried Echo Hopkins Wine Stewed Rhubarb which I made a few weeks ago, I instantly was smitten and still am… This is probably one of the nicest deserts I’ve ever come across. If I was ever asked to produce a cookbook of [...]

Julia Demasi’s Ham and Cheese Pie

Julia's Pie Small

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies A few weeks ago when I posted up the What Katie Ate Your Recipes section, one of the first people to contact me was Julia Demasi, who wrote all the way from Uruguay (!). Julia sent me a recipe for a simple, home-style, no-fuss ‘Ham and Cheese Pie’ and [...]

Irish Soda Bread

Soda Bread Small

Well after a good day yesterday, I had an utterly rotten one today… Beginning with waking with the start of what seems to be the mother of all colds…, then making my Rack of lamb with mint, lemon, herb and pine nut crust only to have a woeful day behind the camera and the results [...]

Candied Pancetta, Goats Cheese and Aged Balsamic Salad

Pancetta Salad Main Small Pancetta Salad Tomatoes Small Pancetta Prep Small

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies Ever since I moved to Oz nearly 5 years ago, I’ve found myself eating a load more salad due to the warmer climate. I always ate it in Dublin but here I try to make ones which are a tad more imaginative to what I was used to churn [...]

Cherry Tomato, Basil and Goats Cheese Canapés

Canape Close Up Small Pie Dish 1 Small Pastry Cases Small

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies Whilst I was shopping for ingredients this week for some recipes I’m planning to feature on the blog, I found my local grocery store had an abundance of beautiful, flavorsome cherry tomatoes. I thought a nice idea would be to quickly write up the recipe for a canapé item [...]

What a week! *Phew*


Wow, what an utterly crazy past 2 weeks…. *eeek*! Thankfully the mad panic of the last 14 or so days has started to calm down work-wise for me and this week I can finally get back to focusing on some new recipes for the blog. Over the coming days I’ll be cooking and photographing some [...]

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