Chili Macaroni Cheese

MC Cooked 1 MC UnCooked 2 MC UnCooked 1 MC Cooked 3 MC Cooked 2

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies Well, I still don’t have my regular camera back and I am all but a fine line away from totally losing my cool with the camera-fixer-man who never calls me to tell me how progress is coming along… So to distract me from calling him and hurling obscenities down [...]

Apple Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns 1 Cinnamon Buns 2

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies This is a recipe for Apple Cinnamon Muffins which I came across last year from an Australian online site: I made these cakes back a few months ago and never did very much with the photos, I thought seeing as I am now out of photographic action this [...]



Unfortunately 2 weeks ago I broke my main camera and whilst it’s in at the camera fixers being mended (I wish they’d hurry up!) I’ve been working on a food packaging design project for a new Aussie free-range, organic food item. I’m starting to get really frustrated that I can’t take any new foodie shots [...]

Curious Chocolate

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All Images © Curious Chocolate I’ve been stumbling across some really magnificent packaging jobs in the research process for a design job and one of them is this crowd in England; Curious Chocolate. Great products, great packaging design and what’s even better is they have an online store.. Nyom, nyom

Martyn Thompson

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All Images © Martyn Thompson This is a photographer whose food work I am loving at the moment; Martyn Thompson. The link was send me to by a fellow Twitterer who thought I might like Martyn’s work… and she was right

Irving & Co.

carluccioclabels antipasti Balsamico-1 biscotti fruitsforcheese OatDigestives

All Images © Irving & Co. I was initially going to put this feature on my other blog; What Katie Saw, which is the sister to What Katie Ate but focuses more on all things design as opposed to food. However on reflection I felt this post is probably more at home here… A few [...]

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