The What Katie Ate ‘End of Week, Sunday’ Update … :)

Cheese 10 copy Cheese 3 Cheese 6 Cheese 11 copy Cheese 2

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies Things have been a little slow in ‘What Katie Ate land’ this week due to me being totally (yet thankfully!) bogged down with a few photo shoots and very unfortunately, breaking my camera by accident (I tripped over the USB cable which was connecting the camera to my computer [...]

A small personal project…

Katie Black Spread 3 Katie Black Spread 1 copy copy Katie Black Spread 6 Katie Black Spread 5 Katie Black Spread 4 Katie Black Spread 7

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies Some non-foodie shots I took today on a (recently) rare day off to indulge some ideas I had over the past few days (note – I’m clearly really digging my new black backgrounds…) Tomorrow I am shooting an enormous amount of the most amazing cheese for my new favourite [...]

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Cupcakes 1 SMALL Cupcakes 2 SMALL

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies Recipe to Follow Shortly…

Williams Sonoma Chocolate Truffle Bread

WS Chocolate Bread Spread A WS Choco Bread Spread B WS Choco Bread Spread C

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies I haven’t had a lot of time to myself over the past few days to cook or photograph personal bits and pieces, but I did grab a few minutes yesterday to try out this gift I was given a few months ago from a friend who went to the [...]

Today’s Shoot…

Mushroom Bowl Small 1 Mushrooms Bowl Small 2

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies All is this week and next I am super busy shooting a huge selection of food from a beautiful gourmet shop in Balmain village. I will be uploading the pics and some recipes involving the products once the photos are completed (I can’t wait to do so, there is [...]

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