Dr Stuart’s Herbal Teas

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© Dr Stuarts All Photography © Katie Quinn Davies Another fave of mine in the tea department is Dr Stuarts. A company based in the U.K. formed by Dr Malcom Stuart PHD who has been recognised as one of the first: “highly qualified scientists in recent times to support and promote the many beneficial values [...]

Clipper Organic & Fairtrade Teas

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All Photography © Katie Quinn Davies So today I thought I would focus for a bit on teas and drinks etc.. I’ll be honest – most of these products I have picked up and bought because of their packaging. Being a good Irish women, I am still a devotee to Barry’s Tea – when I [...]

Get Real Candy

Get Real Candy 4

I’m a huge fan of packaging and in particular I love retro American food packaging, so I’m always on the look out for items which fit that mould when I’m overseas in the USA or just pottering nearby my local foodie shops. There a fantastic organic supermarket up the road from my house in Rozelle [...]



© Scanwiches Once again the designer dork in me is rearing it’s ugly head but I am just LOVING this site: http://scanwiches.com and it’s novel approach to ‘photographing’ food. Why are the best ideas always the simplest and most obvious..? These would make for great menu boards in a a sandwich shop.

Mrs Harvey’s Sister-in-Law

Mrs Harvey Collage

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies This is a little book I stumbled upon and bought a few months back in a bookstore I frequent. “A nostalgic recreation of a 1970s classic which embraces the time honoured practice of collecting and exchanging recipes, Mrs Harvey’s Sister-in-Law and Other Tasty Dishes is a social history of [...]

Heidi Swanson – 101cookbooks.com

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©Heidi Swanson Beautiful, inspirational food photography and recipes to match from San Francisco-based; Heidi Swanson on http://www.101cookbooks.com

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