Farro is a grain I started using a few months back. It’s basically almost identical in taste and texture to pearl barley (so use the latter if you can’t find farro) but just a little nuttier and slightly darker, so I find visually I prefer it and in photos it looks slightly more interesting. It’s a great bulky ingredient to use as a base for a salad and has super texture. You could pair it successfully with lentils or even quinoa but on this occasion I added cooked, split yellow peas. The latter are a great source of fibre and contain a decent amount of protein and zinc along with folate ~ so like mung beans, great to eat if you’re trying to get or are pregnant. Initially the dressing came about by accident, I was testing out frying the cannellini beans which ended in a total disaster (! = big face-slap!) As they just turn into a gloopy mess, so I added the whole lot to the food processor and whizzed them up with the other ingredients to form an almost runny, hummus-like dressing. The sesame is a good pairing with both the white beans and the fish, and as a garnish the black seeds too look great visually. This salad is a fantastic way of getting Brussels sprouts into your diet, as instead of the slimy connotations most people put on these mini cabbages, this method sees them sliced super finely and they retain a great crunchy texture yet blend subtly into all the other flavour-packed ingredients and the fact you eat them raw is another win-win as you retain all their minerals such magnesium and iron.


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