My love of balsamic vinegar is well-known amongst my friends, and I was once dared to drink a (reasonable-sized) glass of the stuff in one go (for the record, I didn’t do it, but mainly because it was a cheap supermarket variety!). Jokes aside, I really do adore a wonderful aged balsamic, and whenever I am lucky enough to venture to Italy, I always lug home armfuls of it. I am the type to pour it with abandon over all the foods I love, including bread, cheese, tomatoes and capers (so I guess you could call this salad one of my all-time favourite meals). If you don’t have a gas stove, you can achieve a similar result by charring the capsicums on the barbecue or in a preheated 200˚C fan-forced oven for about 1 hour (coating them in a little olive oil first).

One Response to “Katie’s panzanella”

  1. Ashleigh
    December 18, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    This was so delicious, I’m going to make it for christmas lunch to go with our backyard bbq. The slow roasted tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella were amazing together, it was the first time i had tried real buffalo mozzarella. I always blacken my capsicums on the top shelf of the oven, it’s quick and easy and they end up so silky soft. The croutons added another element of texture and i added rocket for some extra greens. To top it all off, balsamic is my favourite vinegar, so this is one of my favourite salads and i will make it over and over! Thank you!

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