This crostini s a bit of a splurge as it contains a the meat from a whole lobster tail. This will set you back about $50 from the Sydney Fish Markets (if you are based here) for an standard Aussie lobster, but they can go up to $85 or so. It’s a nice dish for a special occasion – aka maybe for a new year’s eve party? Or Christmas day pre-dinner drinks.

The sauce is rich but very gorgeous and would pair very well too with prawns so if you don’t want to go all out any buy lobster, feel free to use prawns or shrimp.

Again, as I mentioned in another recipe, you don’t necessarily need to use organic butter in the sauce but if you can it will make the world of difference. If you’re going to go all out and but the lobster meat, the better the accompanying ingredients, the better the outcome will be.

  1. Makes 12 crostini

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