My husband is gleaming with pride over this recipe ~ aka my first recipe for lamingtons ~ the all-Aussie national dessert. Lamingtons are basically large cubes of day-old vanilla sponge, coated in a cocoa based topping and then rolled in shredded coconut. I find them at times a tad dry/boring and generally you have to pair them with a big mug of tea. These are my glammed-up mocha chocolate fudgy version. I also though making them chocolate/mocha would be nice and I coat mine in real chocolate as opposed to cocoa. Some true blue Aussies will be screaming at me for my bastardisation of a classic recipe, but I don’t care, these are fab and well worth the risk to national pride being dented and me being the subject of a national crimes-against-lamingtons witch hunt. 😉

P.S. there is a national divide on whether lamingtons should indeed contain jam at all, general consensus I have found is no, but a lot of people still do use it, I have but opted to cherry which pairs wonderfully with the chocolate.

Makes 12 


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