A lot of people from overseas squirm if they think of eating kangaroo, but here in Australia they are as common as regular cattle and bred for their meat. They are also in massive over-population so using them for human consumption is actually a very good idea. It’s incredibly healthy meat but keep in mind, the key when cooking it is to not over do it and serve it rare or medium rare as it’s so lean, otherwise it’ll end up as tough as old boots.

Taken from a Brisbane Times article:

“Kangaroos are harvested under a code of practice enforced by extensive government monitoring and unlike cattle, they are not shipped all over the place and killed by untrained people in abattoirs. Kangaroo Harvesters have to undergo TAFE training and accreditation by government officers in welfare regulations before they can get a licence. Kangaroo meat is at most only 2% fat. Plus it’s full of a compound called conjugated linoleic acid, which actively reduces blood pressure. And it really does taste pretty good”.

If you can’t get your hands on Kangaroo meat or prefer not to eat it, simple replace with good fillet beef.

Serves 4 as a main

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