Irish breakfast in a salad ~ who would have imagined! Ok, not quite, but this was ‘sort of’ my inspiration for this recipe. I started using green and yellow split peas in salads recently as I love, if anything, the colour they offer. Split green peas were the basis for this salad and it got me thinking; “What’s better with peas other than ham or bacon!?” Then I thought, “bacon and eggs! And peas, and fried tomatoes in a salad!! Could it, would it work?!”. Well it does *WOOP!* (Although the tomatoes are roasted as opposed to fried). Then I upped the ante and included sticky balsamic as I adore this stuff and it too pairs brilliantly with bacon and egg, so I was onto a winner! You’ll need a ricer to shred the eggs, but if you don’t have one you could just chop the eggs up really finely.

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