Monday, July 5th, 2010

The ever expanding prop room….

I’ve spent the day since 6am cooking; styling; photographing food; designing an identity; sending artwork to printers; cleaning up photos; cleaning up the house and studio; writing on my blog; finalising my website (with my Aussie web designer who is now in the U.K. and working from there for the next 3 weeks…) as well as writing quotes, briefs and sorting out old photos.. needless to say, it’s late here in Sydney and I’m utterly pooped… *_*

I took some shots earlier this morning of some of the shelves in my little prop room as part of an idea for my website (which is finally and definitely this time, just a day or two from going live), anyway I shelved that idea for the website *pardon the pun.. boom boom* but was left with some funky-ish pics I took. The light is awful in that room and not very good photos, but I thought rather than bin them, I’d stick one up here for a bit of fun. This is just half of it all and I dread to think what I’ve spent on all these bits over the past 9-12 months… *eeek*

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