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Katie QuinnComment

A few years ago I was asked to be interviewed for Vogue Australia, a request a girl doesn’t get everyday (!) so naturally I was thrilled, very honoured and said yes on the spot especially as I was to be photographed by the amazing Hugh Stewart. Even though I hate having my pic taken, I knew I had to seize the opportunity as It’s not everyday a gal gets to say she’s ‘In Vogue’ ;)

A few days before the shoot, I was bought into the Vogue head office in Sydney where the editor and staff got me to try on a range of amazing designer gowns. I felt incredibly special and it’s a memory I won’t forget. The clothes were all quite dark in style, which I imagine were chosen to suit the style of dark and moody photography I have become known for producing.

On the day at the studio I had my hair and make up done and then got fitted into the clothes picked out by the Vogue art director. Hugh had assembled a set using a load of vintage props and incredible fruit and veg and flowers - which I was asked to shoot separately in my studio to fit in with the story.

The story they wrote tells a good take of my life and the blog, my photo work and such. I am attaching it below for you to read.

Thanks + enjoy!
Katie x

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