Beef Bourguignon

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies

I bought a Le Creuset pot a few months back when I renovated my house in Melbourne, we completely gutted and re-built the kitchen so I went a bit nuts buying new pots and pans to use proudly in said shiny new kitchen... I have wanted a Le Creuset pot for years and years so I finally bit the bullet and bought one from this wonderful store (they are SO much cheaper than buying direct from the large department stores here in Oz). Anyway, I made a few beef bourguignons last winter as there is no better dish to eat when it's blowing a gale outside and you're wrapped up snug in front of the fire. Last year I tried Guillaume Brahimi'srecipe and it is magnificent, the addition of the speck and carrot puree really adds to the intense flavour and was a winner all round.

Autumn is a beautiful time in Sydney but what with winter approaching next month, I thought I'd put my trusty Le Creuset pot a run for it's money and had a bash today at someone else's beef bourguignon recipe, this time one of my faves; Gordon Ramsay.

You can find the recipe here

I didn't make the celeriac mash, I prefer to use good old fashioned, plain mashed potato. I always pass my potatoes through a potato ricer once boiled and then also through tamis sieve, but a plain old sieve will do the job just as well. (I am phobic about lumps in mashed potato after a bad, bad childhood experience...) I then add in a dollop of cream, good knob of butter and a bit of milk, decent amount of salt and pepper, mix it all up and voila! totally smooth, not a lump in sight mashed potato, perfect comfort food :)