Chocolate Beetroot Cake

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies

More fattening, calorific chocolate goodness today.. but it's OK though, rest assured there's vegetables in this one *phew* so that'll negate all the fat and naughty bits - like when you see someone eating a big cream cake and a diet coke together...(?!)

Recently some photos of mine were bought for a food mag here in Sydney, but rather frustratingly I found out at the same time, some of these said pics were part of the three folders of images I had deleted by accident 2 months ago (*a-r-g-h-*), I have tried to recover them using many a recently downloaded 'Reclaim your treasured files trash can, 100% guaranteed!' computer program, but alas, to no avail... Anyway, I recreated the pics today and as part of the shoot I had some extra shots - the cake in the pic, is not actually part of the pics purchased so I thought I may as-well do something with them and post them on my blog as the recipe is a winner.

In real life, I try to eat as healthily enough on a day-to-day basis and recently with my baking I've been trying to get more goodness into the mix. Aka - I made some fabulous muffins last week into which I added pureed pumpkin instead of sugar and they turned out brilliantly. I'll try to make a second batch in the coming weeks and post some pics up along with the recipe. Until then, a super moist, incredibly terrific tasting chocolate beetroot cake.