Christmas Edible Gift Ideas

Christmas Edible Gift Ideas

Finally I am in my new house and at last the good old people at my phone providers have connected my internet at home ~ only 3 weeks later... (grumble). The blog has been at the front my mind and it's been really frustrating not being able to post anything due to lack of internet but thankfully we're all back up and running now and it's all systems go again :) A few months ago I wrote, styled and shot an 'Edible Xmas Gifts' idea for my December feature in Delicious magazine. It's currently out on sale now and I thought I'd keep a few recipes back to share with you all on What Katie ate. I've included a few of the pics above which are featured in the story but I also have a few extra recipes which I'll upload this afternoon. You can buy the magazine at Zinio for readers who want to give any of the other recipes in the mag a bash.

Mum's Mince Pies ~ Recipe here

Parmesan Truffle Popcorn ~ Recipe in this month's Delicious Magazine

Sour Cherry Meringue Kisses ~ Recipe in this month's Delicious Magazine

Apple, Cranberry and Orange Chutney ~ Recipe in this month's Delicious Magazine

Christmas Pudding Cake Pops ~ Recipe in this month's Delicious Magazine

Maple Bacon Peanut Brittle ~ Recipe here

Nutella Double Choc Cookies ~ Recipe here

Chipotle Summer BBQ Meat Rub ~ Recipe to follow shortly on WKA

All photos © Katie Quinn Davies 2012

I have a great Christmas post penned for the bog which I am cooking and shoot all of next week. It's going to be a feast of ideas for Christmas Day meal ideas and entertaining recipes which will see you through the festive period. Food which I'll be preparing myself for Xmas day and other recipes for New Year's eve parties and outdoor entertaining (for us Southern Hemisphere peeps).

I'll be uploading any outstanding recipes this weekend, I'll also be announcing the winner of the Kate Gibbs 'After Toast' book giveaway, Kate herself will be picking the lucky winner on Saturday evening and I am delighted to mention December's giveaway is one of the most popular and best selling titles currently out here in OZ - Valli Little's Delicious ~ Home Cooking. To win a copy of this beautiful book, just leave me a comment below telling me:

What's your most Delicious food memory?

All photos © Ian Wallace 2012