Current food obsession ~ tamari and black sesame...

Tamari and Ginger Chicken with Nori Seaweed and Black Sesame Rice ~ Recipe here

Last night I went out for dinner at one of my favourite local restaurants ~ Love.Fish. I've written about this Sydney restaurant before a year or two ago (here). It's a super little local Rozelle restaurant which is doing a roaring business since it opened its doors 2 years ago, almost to the day. As mentioned on the blog yesterday it was crazy warm here in Sydney, it hit 42˚C and was still 36˚C at 11.30pm, so we felt it was a good night to get out and into some air con! I must add though mind you compared to what some other poor souls are going through around OZ with the awful bush fires which come at this time of the year, every year in Australia, I really can't complain as I have it good compared to some people who are not as fortunate right now and struggling to keep their homes and animals safe.

On that note, as I mentioned on the blog in 2010 this is an awful time for Australia's wildlife, if you have a spare $ or two, please consider donating something to the RSPCA to help the animals being burnt and injured in the bush fires - esp. in Tasmania which has been very badly hit. You can donate here at the RSPCA website. Thanks.

Tamari is a milder and more aromatic version of soy sauce. It's fab for dressings and is not as salty as regular soy sauce meaning you can use more of it in cooking and sprinkled over cooked foods. Other than a continually changing selection of daily specials Love.Fish is based upon the premise of providing simply grilled fillets of varied fish which you pair with a selection of salads and sides. One of my faves is their super simple 'Steamed basmati rice with Tamari and Black Sesame' which I ordered last night. These two ingredients pair so well together and I found myself gobbling down a whole bowl of the this rice dish. I thought it would make for a nice side to pair with marinaded chicken as a recipe for the blog and it turned out great. The chicken is marinaded in fresh ginger, garlic, tamari, lemon juice and brown sugar and it provides a lovely sticky chicken which is sweet and sour with a little salty kick from the tamari. A great quick and easy option (once the chicken has been marinated) for a weekday dinner option.

BTW keep the comments coming on yesterday's book giveaway post - some of the comments have been so amazing to read through, great food for thought for me for my European trip later this year and this book is SO worth winning. Link here.