Farfalle with Bacon, Peas and Sage

Images © Katie Quinn Davies

Gordon Ramsay is one of my favourite chefs. I've eaten at his restaurant in L.A and New York and next week will be heading to Maze in Melbourne with some friends to give that a whirl. Apart from admiration for his talent and success, I love his 'no bull/cut the crap' approach, whether or not I'd be too keen to work for him is another matter as I'm way too stubborn and hot-tempered to resist hurling a huge serve of abuse right back at him if he yelled at me, but I do love his cookbooks and the fact he hires people like Ditte Isager to shoot them.

This recipe for Farfalle Pasta with Bacon, Peas and Sage has become a firm fave of mine ever since I purchased a copy of Ramsay's 'Cooking for Friends'about a year or so ago, this book has become my No. 1 cookbook out for the many, many piled up on desk and in my kitchen, mainly due to the recipes but the photos and styling blow all the rest out of the water. This dish above is basically a Carbonara, minus the egg. It's very easy to make, very inexpensive and very yummy!