Fresh Australian Black Truffles

Fresh Australian Black Truffles

Last week my good buddy Andy @ The Gourmet Grocer in Balmain very kindly gave me an incredible Fresh Australian Black Truffle to take home and cook with. It was great timing as the week before I got to see 2-hatted chef Guillaume Brahimi in action at qualia working with Manjimup truffles in his degustation dishes. I'll be honest, in the past I have found some fresh truffle really overpowering and not been a huge fan but I can honestly say in the past week, I've totally seen the light with this delicacy and found ways of cooking with it where it doesn't take over but compliments in a subtle manner. Mixing it with butter really brings out the truffle's flavour and a microplane grater is a wonderful tool to use when working with fresh truffles. Most people will be familiar with a standard truffle slicer but I found a really fine grater such as a good microplane works wonders too to inject the truffle into other ingredients without it being OTT.

Below are a few recipes I cooked up over the past week using this fresh truffle given to me by Andy. I hope you try them out and enjoy. I am now a total convert to roast chicken and truffle, this one was totally fab!


Katie x


Apologies for the delay but big congrats to Lisa Dieder in Cronulla for winning the hamper of American food goodies from Andy's shop as featured in my recent All American Post. Lisa I will be in touch this week. Well done :)

Black truffle and garlic roast chicken

Black Truffle Fried Egg with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese

Black truffle shiitake mushroom and roast chicken risotto

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