Happy 4th of July! :)

As the post title states: Happy 4th of July to all readers in the USA :) To honour the occasion, I thought it would be a nice idea this week to upload some recipes which were inspired from my recent time in the States. I tasted and savoured quite a few sliders during my time away and was on a mission when I can home to write a good recipe for these tasty little burgers. I paired them with some homemade brioche buns (I find it good to keep a burger bun on the softer side so brioche style works well) and a nice piquant chili tomato relish.

It was a gorgeous day today in Sydney, we all totally forgot it is still actually Winter and Summer is still a few months away as it was 20˚C and gloriously sunny. We had some mates around so I took some shots beforehand of the lunch I prepared in advance this morning.

On a separate note, I'm delighted to announce this past week I signed with Harper Collins in the UK so in addition to Aus. and the U.S., the first What Katie ate book will be published and distributed in the UK and Ireland just a few months after it's launched in the U.S. and Australia late next year :)

A busy week ahead for me this week, more recipe writing for the book and a few magazine editorial shoots. I'll be back later this week with some delicious ideas for cocktail party canapés. Have a great week all :) x


When I was in NYC I picked up a bottle of Absolut's special edition Absolut Brooklyn. I was drawn to it initially in a bar in the West Village as the bottle was really eye-catching and it tasted pretty darn good too... It's a flavour is based on one of apple and ginger and makes for a really wonderful cocktail base. I did buy a bottle however unfortunately I left it in the freezer in the house I rented in Venice but had a bit of a play around recreating the basic premise of this mix and added my own small twist to create a super simple, super refreshing Summer-time tipple.


As always, I went a tad nuts on the shopping department whilst away and as is the norm with me, I brought back quite a lot of food products from the various gourmet and specialist food stores I visited (much to the amusement of the US and Aussie customs officials...). One store I alway head straight to is Williams Sonoma, in particular I love their pre-packaged food products and after the monumental Pulled Pork Sandwich we had in Provincetown, Cape Cod it was a no-brainer I was bringing back a large jar of the Williams Sonoma Pulled Pork Starter Sauce come hell or high water. I gave it a whirl this weekend to create my own pulled pork sliders to accompany the beef ones below and they were a huge success with the friends for whom who I cooked for today. I personally found the sauce excellent, albeit just a tad too heavy on the chili flavour. I'll be experimenting this week with my own pulled pork sauce and will post up the recipe when I've hit the jackpot and tested it with some mates.

These were two vintage kids skateboards I picked up in Venice CA during my stay on the West coast of the US recently. I adore them and they have pride of place in my kitchen now in Sydney. I found them in a store called Surfing Cowboys on Abbot Kinney Ave.

Ironically I had no idea the store was located on that street and was thrilled when wandering down it one afternoon to spy the shop frontage totally out of the blue. I had found the shop online initially almost 5 years previous whilst doing online research into retro vintage surfboards, as I was looking for a 1st wedding anniversary gift for my husband, so after years of online drooling over their various wares, it was fantastic to finally step inside the shop. Surfing Cowboys contains a great range of really excellent vintage furniture and other home/personal accessories, well worth a gander if you're in the area...



I'm more of a savoury-tooth sort, but every time I'm in the US I always manage to get my paws on a packet or two of Crackerjack ~ especially when I'm at a baseball game. This is my simple take on traditional Crackerjack popcorn. It's crazy tasty - albeit a teeny bit messy as the butterscotch coating very really totally dries on the popcorn so prepare for sticky fingers!


John Varvatos is a menswear designer whom I love, his obsession with Rock 'n Roll is one I share with an immense passion and thus I adore how this sentiment translates into his clothes. I also love his store in New York – a really cool environment which is housed in the old CBGB nightclub. I rarely put up recipes on the blog which I haven't written and devised myself, however when I discovered this above pizza in a great cookbook I have had here in the house for some time, I felt this was a must for this blog posting - The CBGB pizza by Theo Kalogeracos.

All above images © Katie Quinn Davies