Happy Australia Day 2012! Brazilian style! :)

Happy Australia Day 2012! Brazilian style! :)

Beef, Pork and Cheddar Cheese, Aussie Meat Pie

Rodrigo's Stuffed Eye Round

Frango con Quiabo e Angu ~ Chicken (cooked in Vinegar) with Ocra (and Green Chilli)

Claudio's Páo de Queijo ~ Cheese Bread

Empadinhas de Camarao ~ Brazilian Prawn Empanadas

Amanda Areias from the fantastic blog ‘Give me Flour’ was a angel and sent me a load of ideas for this Brazilian feature. One of the recipes she directed me towards was for these little pastry treats. Pastel de queijo are similar, small pockets of pastry generously filled with items such as; mozzarella, ground beef cooked with garlic and onions, shrimp/prawns, heart of palm. I decided to adapt a few recipes I received and made mine into spicy prawn versions.

Sopa de Batata-Doce ~ Sweet Potato Soup

Quindins de Yaya ~ Coconut and Orange Blossom Water Cakes with Orange Blossom Cream Cheese Frosting

(Cake flags from Nikole @ http://fortysixthatgrace.blogspot.com)

Batida de Café ~ Rum with iced coffee and Egg White

All photos © Katie Quinn Davies 2012

First off, what can only be said but: Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie friends and family and to all the Aussie readers of WKA be it here in Oz or anywhere around the world :)

Well it's been almost a month (eeek!) since my last main blog post, just before Xmas. I took a few weeks out in early January to spend time with my family - to be precise; my sister, her hubby Claudio and my gorgeous, wonderful niece Erika (almost 9). It was great having a chance to get to know Erika in particular as the last time I really saw her properly was 6 years ago when she was nearly 3 years of age (!) so as you can imagine, it was a great 'getting to know each other all over again' experience :)

Claudio Meneses, my brother-in-law is from Uberaba in Brazil and is a top bloke. I was hoping whilst they were all here that I might be able to get a blog post done with them all included, but alas sadly it wasn't to be, as ~ and I'll be honest here.. we were all having too much of a good time at the beach @ Bondi and Manly or up in Queensland to focus on anything other than sun, sea and sand, good food and cold beers! :)

It was great getting a few weeks away from the computer, the camera and cooking over a hot stove in the Sydney summer heat and in turn I had a wonderful time getting some well needed R and R over a week or two. I thought it would be a fun idea to get some recipes from Claudio and from my sis (who lived for years in Brazil) to feature on the blog and have also added to a few which were kindly sent to me by readers of WKa, so I've managed to compile a few ideas for this weeks post. All recipes I've adapted a little and I'm currently writing up all the recipes into one doc like I did with the Xmas post. I'll have it up tomorrow for you guys to download. I've been working on the blog all day today and yesterday (my first year not down the pub for Aussie day) so am off for a well earned cold beer (on this dreadfully humid yet very rainy Sydney day) I will be back in touch in a day or two with a little write up and some pics from a great new BBQ cookbook I recently purchased from the wonderful Stephane Reynaud.


Note - Layout of blog is going haywire at the moment.I have no iota how to fix it, pics aren't centering and generally being a pain in the bum! I am changing the platform of the blog in the coming weeks so stay tuned for a more co-operable site! Tks