Happy Easter 2013 (!) and a few Gluten-Free Desserts :)

Happy Easter 2013 (!) and a few Gluten-Free Desserts :)

Gluten-Free Coconut and Lemon Tea Cake ~ Recipe here

Gluten-Free, Kirsch Soaked Rhubarb and Blueberry Tart with crunchy Almond Pastry ~ Recipe here

Gluten-Free Mocha, Caramel and Hazelnut Double Tier Cake ~ Recipe here

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Further to my last post outlining these above gluten-free cakes/desserts, I've had a load of fun this week in the kitchen experimenting with all things gluten-free. I love a culinary challenge and this one was really interesting to me, expanding my knowledge on grains and flours I had never used before. It was a knock on from last week's meat free challenge as a lot of people asked if I could do more GF recipes both recently and in the past. I've really enjoyed cooking with the likes of; Buckwheat Flour; Amaranth; Coconut Flour etc etc. and been pretty chuffed with the outcomes. I find GF flours tend to result in slightly drier/quite crumbly cakes and pastry but it's all about practice makes perfect and I'll be definitely trying out more GF baking and savoury ideas in the weeks to come.

I hope you can try out some of these dessert recipes over Easter and going forward.

Thanks & a very Happy Easter to everyone!

I'll be uploading these recipes over the course of this evening and at the very latest tomorrow morning. Due to this I am supplying the ingredients/shopping requirements of all recipes first.