Happy Father's day to all Aussie, Kiwi, Papua New Guinea and Fijian Dads!

and to all in the US ~ seemingly it's: Happy Bacon Day! (?!) ;) I am currently up to my tonsils in writing the first batch of 40 recipes which are to go out to my external recipe tester for WKA Book 2 tomorrow morning, but wanted to upload a quick post with 2 recipes from my most recent (Aug and Sept) Delicious magazine issues with 2 easy and super tasty recipes Dad's will love (one including bacon for the day that's in it!).

Portobello mushroom, cheddar & caramelised onion quesadillas ~ Recipe here

Roasted pumpkin & apple soup with goat’s cheese and bacon ~ Recipe here

On a side note I want to also say a big thank you for all the amazing comments on the relast blog post re. our Euro/Italy/UK/Ire. trip in July. I was blown away reading all your kind and complimentary words, was very touched and highly appreciative. Thank you x.

Also ~ a little restaurant review here. I'll be adding more of these to the blog in the coming months. I thought it would be a nice/helpful feature to add some feedback on restaurants visited over the coming months in Sydney/rest of Aus.

Katie x