Jack and Lulu Candy Stripe Drinking Straws

© Jack and Lulu

Image © Katie Quinn Davies

A really cute new product from one of my favorite stationery producers in the U.S.; Jack and Lulu. I have followed this company since 2003 when I myself ran a greeting card company for a few years. I've always loved the simple designs which they apply to a boutique range of stationery items. Simple, yet elegant and timeless. These candy stripe straws remind me of the old waxed ones my mum used to buy back in the late 70's and early 80's, which nowadays sadly seem to have disappeared off the grocery aisle shelves. They also reminded me of the one I mocked up about a year ago for a cookie shoot...

Thankfully now I can buy a whole pack of them from Anthropologie, and even better, they now (finally!) ship to Australia :)