Meat Free Week Day 2 (and a very, VERY exciting announcement!)

Meat Free Week Day 2 (and a very, VERY exciting announcement!)

Today is Meat Free Week, Day 2. As promised, I'm uploading a meat-free pasta dish which I tried out a few times last week; Rustic Mushroom, White Wine and Creamy Cheesy Spaghetti ~ Recipe here. Ok, I'll be frank ~ this recipes isn't exactly going to do you huge favours in the bikini department but it's not too bad calorie-wise ... The flip-side for me too is it's not the most attractive dish in the world either to shoot from a food photographers point-of-view as it all tends to look a tad 'beige' but it tastes great, is nice and 'beefy' yet you don't feel it's lacking the heartiness of meat. It's basically a robust mushroom recipes using flavour-packed Swiss Brown and Shiitake mushrooms, creamy goat's cheese and toasted pecans. Very easy to make too, throw the mushrooms into a food processor if you like along with the herbs ~ I find chopping mushrooms (and herbs) a bit of a nightmare on a flat board as they annoyingly tend to fly absolutely everywhere; worktop, floor, all over the shop (personally it drives me bananas).

It dawned on me today I will be unable to update the blog tomorrow with the pizza recipe I was planning, so I'm going to stick it up tonight too. A double veggo whammy. The pizza is my Roasted Pumpkin, Goat’s Cheese, Rosemary and Toasted Almond Pizza ~ Recipe here It's fab! You'd definitely not miss eating meat with this pizza as the roasted pumpkin give superb meaty-like texture, the goat's cheese is a slightly-salty-ish creamy addition and the nuts offer lots of crunch and balance to the other ingredients.

Right, now down to the EXTRA exciting news and something which threw me a tad this morning... Today I found out I have been nominated for not one, but two James Beard 2013 finalist nominations! It's all Wooohoooo here at the WKA household today and that's been mixed with a good helping of complete shock/disbelief, but all-in-all I've had a rather large grin plastered on my face for most of the day :) Am thrilled and super excited, these occasions don't come along that much in life, so when they do, you've got to grab them with both hands and go along for the ride.

The categories nominated are in the cookbook section:

Best Photography and Best General Cooking Cookbook

All the nominations can be found here: Congrats too to all the people nominated in this year's finalist list.

Hopefully, all going to plan, even thought it's early days still, I'll try and head over to NYC to attend the award ceremony on May 3rd, so I'll keep you posted on any possibly book signings I can organise. On that note, I would be keen to find out from anyone stateside - esp. in NYC if that many of you would be keen for me to organise something where I can meet up with you all, maybe share a glass of wine and do a book signing? Let me know below if you can, that would be fab.

Cheers Kx