Meat Free Week ~ Last few days...

Buckwheat Pancakes with Spinach, Ricotta and Pine Nuts, Sour Cream and Hot Sauce ~ Recipe here

Caramelised Onion and Goat's Cheese Tartlets with Balsamic Syrup ~ Recipe here

Meat-Free Lasagne with Polenta, Chargrilled Veggies and Feta ~ (Recipe here).

All images © Katie Quinn Davies 2013

Ok, so meat free week is officially over and rather frustratingly I didn't get these 3 recipes up when I would have liked to ~ aka over the weekend! Alas I was fully immersed in a full-on weekend of prepping and styling/shooting one of my Delicious Magazine features and that sadly put a halt to me being able to write up the recipes in time.

It's a bit frustrating for me as so often when I really want to get a post up and I have such great intentions of doing so; test the recipes, make the food, shoot it and then faced with the fact that there are only a miserly 24 hours in each day, somedays I am stopped in my tracks from actually any free time to sit down and type up the recipes and post :( It's a pain in the bum at times as I only have my weekends to update the blog. Anyway, as they say 'better late than never', here are some last few meat-free recipes (for the moment) for you to try out.

The buckwheat pancakes are fantastic! I've actually never cooked with buckwheat flour before, but I loved it. I bought it in my local organic supermarket and it sits in the aisle with all those other 'boring, healthy flours' as I have honestly thought in my head at times ;) Gluten-free isn't really an area of cooking I go into much as I have luckily have no need to eat gluten-free myself, nor does my husband Mike.

Years ago I thought I might have had an issue and I was tested for Coeliac Disease but thankfully I was given the all clear. I do agree with a lot of people who believe gluten is bad in general for most human beings, even if they are not coeliac, but I'll I am a total bread and carb fan so I think I would have been utterly gutted (no pun intended) if I had been told I couldn't eat gluten again. A lump of crumbly English cheddar cheese and a gutsy bottle of Italian Amarone wine just don't pair quite as well without crusty bread or loads of fab crackers.. Mind you there are some incredible gluten-free pastas, breads, crackers etc on the market nowadays and I think, like with opting to eat a little less meat, going for gluten free for at least part of the week, is a good idea too, I think all our bellies and guts will thank us for it.

I know after trying the buckwheat pancakes and remarking how much lighter I felt after eating them, I will most definitely be dabbling a bit more in gluten-free recipes. I think a lot of readers of WKA will be happy to hear that too as I get asked a lot for more gluten-free ideas, so now those 'weird flours bought only by super-healthy people who do bikram yoga all the time' notions I had, are verging towards the backdoor and will be getting a decent testing out in the WKA kitchen. It'll be interesting to see how my own body reacts to the difference.

My photo producer Sophie Penhallow at Network is one of those said incredibly healthy eaters (and does actually do yoga! LOL) and more importantly knows utterly everything about superfoods, grains, pulses, everything and anything healthy to eat, or more importantly, not to eat. Sophie is also a vegetarian so I thought there was no better a woman to ask if she had any ideas for veggie food I could try to muster up? We often get into conversations about foodie ideas on the phone whilst discussing jobs and this time Sophie offered me some gems, I have two here which she gave me the basic notions for so I got busy in the kitchen experimenting late last week. They are the; Buckwheat Pancakes with Spinach, Ricotta and Pine Nuts and the Meat-Free Lasagne with Polenta, Chargrilled Veggies and Feta. The former, the pancakes are really very good, my husband gobbled them down like no tomorrow.

One second ago it was Christmas, now it's easter (!?), chocolate is obviously on the menu at this time of the year and I have one or two chocolate desserts to post up later this week, luckily I have set aside this week to organise these for you and fingers crossed, get them on the blog before Easter is over! ;)

Until then x