New Feature - 'Katie's Weekly Bits and Bobs' (strike 2!)

New Feature - 'Katie's Weekly Bits and Bobs' (strike 2!)

Hola! What a week, a really great one, I am in top form! :) (Note: Other than at 2am last night when for whatever reason unbeknownst to all human kind, this post just would not post up the way I wanted it to ~ I almost lost clumps of hair over it... Eventually and thankfully it is deciding to play nice and layout the way I asked it to.... *grumble*)

Anyway back to what I was trying to say last night... I had 3 great shoots this week plus 2 days shooting for the US post which I am finishing off this weekend, then writing it up; adding all the contributor pics and uploading (finally!) next week ~ I think we all deserve a bath in champagne for the wait and patience...

I'll have exciting news next week of a wine giveaway (woohoo!) from one of Australia's leading winemakers. Info to follow next week on that welcome news :)

So I have decided to add to the blog, a weekly list of bits and bobs, or odds and ends as one would say, which have 'jumped out' at me either over the web or in person from the previous week or just posts I'd like to highlight.

When I started What Katie Ate two years ago, I also started at the same time I secondary sister blog called 'What Katie Saw', I did this as I was still very dedicated to graphic and product design and basically just was very interested and aware of what was going on in the design field on the web etc. A lot of people have said to me I was mad to stop writing What Katie Saw but frankly, the more What Katie Ate grew, the less time I had to dedicate to anything other than one blog.

I'll make this a regular feature updating every Friday or Saturday. Some are links to people, places or sites whom or which inspire me; others are things I would love to get my little paws on... and in general just little or lots of bits and pieces which have particularly ticked my fancy over the previous week... To start off I've gone a bit mad an included loads of stuff, some weeks I'll have more or less content, but they will be something for you to have a gander over each week.

Please do leave a comment on this post letting me know what you think, I'm not sure if the readers of WKA want this sort of posting, so the more info I get from you guys, the more it helps me work out if it's worth my while making these sort of weekly posts. Thanks.

I am always open to learning more about what stands out for you guys as readers to the blog, so please, mail me with any funky, interesting bits and bobs which you love. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend. x

Katie's Bits and Bobs ~ Week ending Friday June 1st.



I love this UK company; Toast ~ having bought many a plate, duvet cover, towel and household item from them over the past year, these mango boards make for excellent props. I have one ~ the rectangular one, but very much spying that gorgeous darker round one - perfect for a cheese or bread shoot, or would look fantastic with a big rib roast sitting on it just waiting to be carved..


Shady Pines Saloon

One, if not THE coolest little bar in all of Sydney town: Shady Pines Saloon. I have been meaning to go for ages and finally pottered over on Friday last. It does not disappoint, my new favourite bar in the Eastern suburbs. Plus I had without a doubt, the best Sour Apple Martini ever ~ my No. 1 cocktail and one I find hard to get made properly. Watch this space for my take on the Shady Pines recipe (which includes all natural, freshly extracted apple juice ~ no sour pucker here). I am determined now to do a shoot at this bar, the detailing was nuts and in turn, I think pics here would be amazing. Watch this space!


Anka Zhuravleva

Slack-jawed and utterly inspired It's rare I find work which engages me this much...


Morrison Clothing

One of my favourite Aussie clothing brands...


Lovely Package Beer and Wine Branding Selection ...

A long-standing design site which I often peruse to see what's hip, hop, happening in the food and general product packaging world...

These beer and wine bottles really jumped out at me during my most recent visit...

Better Half Beer as featured on, Industry City Distillery and


Current favourite book selection

The Edible Balcony by Indira Naidoo (One of the loveliest women and owner of the most talented green thumbs in Sydney).

Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones by Kris Hoogerhyde, Anne Walker and Dabney Gough Interiors by Martyn Thompson (one of my favourite photographers) and after shooting some cocktails this week for the US post (uploading next week), I thought I must get my paws on a copy of Vintage Cocktails by Laziz Hamani for more inspirational ideas.


The Chiswick Restaurant

This is my next 'must do' Sydney restaurant. Located in Chiswick Gardens, Woollahra. Co-owned and operated by Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan, CHISWICK is a neighbourhood restaurant, where the menu is designed for sharing, reflecting the simplicity of great produce and changing seasons. The heart of CHISWICK is its kitchen garden where much of the produce for the menu will be grown. The approach is something altogether more natural, continually evolving, where the emphasis is on where the food comes from and how it is grown.


Terrain finds

Oh how I wish this company would ship to Australia...*sigh* Until that eventually happens (I hope) here are some items which tickled my fancy and if you're in the US or Canada you're a lucky duck. This pomegranate and sage candle I imagine smells divine and when I win the lottery, I'll be ordering one of these stunning French tables for my kitchen. Bonnie herself sent me some jams last year and I can attest, they are fab! And finally the jars I use to keep all my herbs and spices in, they do the job wonderfully and look quite lovely on a big open wooden shelf all lines up beside each other.


Country Style

How sickeningly gorgeous are these houses in Country Style?! The make me feel so depressed and enthralled at the same time. Shot by the ever talented Sharyn Cairns, how stunning is this Wentworth Falls house?! Love it. There are just too many incredibly beautiful homes featured in this site.


Square Inch Design

These posters from Square Inch Design totally caught my eye when I spied them on my friend Rebecca's Blog; Candepop (the Alice in Wonderland in particular is superb!). BTW, If you have a baby or 3 or a few ankle biters about, this site is a must for you. It's all things and links kids and babies; Candepop.



Being a long-standing Wylie Dufresne fan, I ate at WD50 whilst I was in New York on my recent visit. No kidding, it was the best meal ~ or at least the best tasting menu I had ever had. I highly recommend it. The food is unbelievably good, in fact everything about the experience was 10 put of 10. I adored it and can't wait to return. Next time I'll muster up the courage to go up and actually say hello to Wylie as opposed to just sit there a tad star-stuck watching him at the kitchen entrance making sure all his guests were happy, fed and watered.


Office spaces

Beautiful office spaces as spied on The Style Files.


Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn

When I was in Williamsburg recently I had lunch at Marlow and Sons, there I met a really lovely waitress who mentioned to me next time I come to the area I should stay at the soon to be opened Wythe Hotel which the owner of Marlow and Sons has since by visit recently opened. The decor looks amazing and I look forward to checking it out next time I'm in Brooklyn.



Gorgeous interior goodies @ Gigi ~ and they have an online store *hurrah!*



Ok let's back up here a bit ~ see No. 1 well no wonder I particularly love the most recent Toast photos ~ I've just discovered they were shot by the one and only, and my biggest inspiration or at least the no 1 photographer's whose work I have consistently drooled over for the past 3 years... Ditte Isager. How utterly sickeningly stunning are these below shots?! As an ex-equestrian, horses and all things equine gets me every time. These photos are sublime...


Spiedo Restaurant and Bar

Spiedo is one of my favourite Italian's in Sydney, and wonderfully headed up by the charming and all round lovely guy Fulvio Lancione (pictured below in some photos which I shot a few weeks ago) along with Alessandro Pavoni. Go on a journey to Northern Italy and enjoy a shared pasta main matched with a bottle of wine During June, diners can enjoy pappardelle al tonno (pappardelle with cherry tomato, tuna and capers) as well as a bottle of Val Trompia Pinot Grigio for just $30 for two people. For bookings phone 02 8072 9999 or email:


Fete Press magazine

Check out this gorgeous new all-Aussie online magazine; 'Fete', run by Jane Cameron (formerly of the beautiful Wedding Style Guide) and Annabel Kerslake.


Follow Studio

Need a bit of twine or simple stationery supplies? I happily discovered this company via Fete Mag above: Follow Studios...


Local is Lovely Blog by Sophie Hansen

Sophie Hansen is a women I met about a year or so ago when I visited her and her hubby's Venison Farm just outside Orange about 4 hours North West of Sydney. We also worked on an editorial job together up in the Northern Beaches for a Sydney mag. Sophie is a gorgeous girl, a super experienced food writer and stylist and now runs an amazing blog called Local is Lovely, check it out for some drool-worthy recipes. 


Mash Design

My no. 1 design studio in Australia, I could stare at this work for hours and I challenge you not to click through all those links on their home page...


Instagram behind the scenes

I'm starting to notice how much readers love behind the scenes shots, so going forward on shoots and my blog pots, I'm going to snap a few piccies on the iPhone from the last week and stick up a few each week as part of this posting...


Quintessential Duck Egg Blue

This vintage interiors store is located across the road from my house, they stock incredibly beautiful items (with a very striking price tag to match) but their site and store is always worth a meander through. Quintessential Duck Egg Blue


Father Rabbit

I never heard about this site until now via Fete Magazine and I am smitten, I love, love , LOVE some of the items for sale on this site. They stock my favourite Grown Cosmetic products ( and also the little 'Petit Fete de Lumieres' jars which I had in abundance at my own wedding 6 years ago. I am thrilled to find a place to buy a few more as I've been searching for them or years. (Initially I transported 60 or so of them direct from Ireland where I bought them in a now sadly closed store which used to be called 'Pia Bang'). Father Rabbit is a New Zealand based company, check out their site, it's full of gorgeous goodies :) (I adore their logo and illustrations too!)



An important update on my What Katie Ate Cookbook

Well here are the final covers!! *Yay*!!! (obviously there's a bit of text on the back and barcodes, publisher logos etc. etc ~ all the extra usual stuff ;-)I wasn't going to mention them on the blog just yet, I was going to do so next month, but I felt I had to now due to this: Have a look here folks for some important info. on the book. I want to make sure you guys are all aware of 'what's what' in regards to

pre-order. Thanksx