Prop Haus NYC


You know, to a food photographer trying to make it as a stylist too on my own financial backing, stumbling across this shop is really depressing... (I spent 6 hours last Saturday trying to find a baby blue plate in Sydney, to no avail...). It wouldn't be if I actually lived in New York as it would be where I would spend 90% of my time pottering about and it would also mean, more importantly, I could blow all the money I normally do on props on Manolo Blahnik shoes and other such niceties..., but when it's 15,992 kilometers away, it's a bit of a bummer.. :( I am now ubër jealous of all NYC-based food photographers... (Melina in Brooklyn can you hear me?! Talk about karma pay back for me being able to go to the Donna Hay store or what..?!)