Recent Finds...

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies

Every now and again when I take on a design job (mainly to keep extra pennies coming in) the down-side means any personal photography projects - aka my blog, have to take a back-step until I have a spare moment to work on a new recipes and subsequent photos. I'm currently finishing up some artwork but I've had a few moments here and there today to dip in and out of my blog and take the odd photo for fun. Last Saturday I did a bit of prop shopping to stock up and stumbled across this wonderful old enamel jug in The Society Inc (where I also found some fantastic napkins and other small bits and pieces) and I stopped off in my favourite ceramic supplier on the globe; Mud Australia to add to my ever growing collection. I've mentioned Mud before but I am simply crazy about this Aussie company's products and wish I could buy everything in their Woollahra store. I thought both subjects photograph pretty nicely on their own without the usual mandatory accompaniment of food :)