The What Katie Ate 'End of Week, Sunday' Update ... :)

The What Katie Ate 'End of Week, Sunday' Update ... :)

All Images © Katie Quinn Davies

Things have been a little slow in 'What Katie Ate land' this week due to me being totally (yet thankfully!) bogged down with a few photo shoots and very unfortunately, breaking my camera by accident (I tripped over the USB cable which was connecting the camera to my computer in a moment of panic (and utter stupidity!) whilst darting in and out of the studio *~* ) and in turn causing $800+ worth of damage *ouch/eek/crash bang wallop* :( and then having to find a $$$ rental replacement for a week whilst the camera is being fixed... *grumble*... I do have a spare camera, but it's realistically so hard to go back a step equipment-wise so I decided to rent an equivalent camera to what I normally use. Thankfully I found out on Friday, my insurance will cover the repair costs.. *phew*

Good news is though;

A: I have found cherries in Sydney (albeit rather expensive ones due to being out of season) so yippee I can, at last, attempt my long-awaited OTT 'gazillion layer' Black Forest Gateau this week and tomorrow I'm also going to shoot a Chocolate Cherry Clafoutis - both recipes and photos to follow this week.

B: This weekend was also a total success for me in finding a fabulous range of new photo props. I mooched around some local flea markets, took a trip to an iconic Sydney department store, which I had never been to before (and not sure if I want to return!); 'Peter's of Kensington' ~ great store, but Holy Moly - a bit of a nightmare in the; 'cramped store with products everywhere and containing hundreds of slow-moving/ weekend browser people' style of place... and also found some fantastic bits on an incredible online American antique site. I also won my first ever eBay bid - wayhay!! I got 21 pieces of the coolest antique baking trays, dishes, pots and pans, which if bought in a vintage store here would have set me back probably at least $300 or more... I won the lot of $36! :)

Until I get the choco/cherry recipes/pics up and and also a Garfish meal I made and took pics of today (Sunday lunch dish), here are a few sneak peeks of the cheese shoot I've been working on this week for a local gourmet store/cheese-mongers... I am very much looking forward to uploading all the pics I have been taking for this store and their wonderful owners - who are an utter pleasure to deal with. They do a fabulous job of running one, if not the best, gourmet delis in Balmain or Sydney alone. Full details of their store and products to follow shortly too.