Tim Robison

All Images © Tim Robison

This is a guy whom I've come to know a little via Flickr. Tim Robison is one of those photographers I am pretty much in awe of. It's probably also due to the fact he comes across as a really nice, down-to-earth and unassuming bloke, you know those sorts who have no iota just how incredibly talented they are... I am mesmerised by his ability to capture light the way he does and love the unpretentious, simple, serene feel he brings to all his photos. It turns out Tim uses a camera model one of which I also own, but I can be 100% honest in saying I have no iota how he manages to use it to produce the work her does... As a relative newbie to photography compared to some, it's nice when you find new inspiration to encourage oneself to push the boundaries and feel a yearning to experiment with new ideas. Cheers Tim :)

I've chosen a few food related photos from his site, but do yourself a favour and check out the other pieces he's featured, you won't be disappointed you visited his site, you'll probably stay a while too...