Weekly Update.

Hello All :) Just a quick update from me to say, I am so sorry I have not updated the blog in the past 7 or so days, I have had a gazillion different things on my plate over the last week but I am now finally getting them all under control. Good news is I'll be spending the next few days cooking and shooting some new articles/recipes for the blog, starting to test run some of the amazing and fun Christmas recipes everyone sent in (thanks again to all who took the time to email me recipes) I so hope I get some great outcomes of these as I really want to be able to feature as many as I can.

On that note, the big 'magazine-style' Christmas edition I mentioned is currently looking wonderful and HUGE!!. I have some incredible photographers in New York, Brooklyn, Vancouver, London, Rome, Dublin along with myself in Sydney and Melbourne shooting for this exciting first edition with all of us covering great foodie related shops and companies, fantastic recipes, food products, artisan food producers, organic farmers, chocolatiers and just in general a massive photography related foodie, visual feast! :) I can't wait to upload it but have a lot of work to do over the next 5 weeks to get there.

I have just uploaded the missing Broad Bean and Baby Pea Salad recipe in the post below and I promise I will be in touch ASAP with a new, jam-packed posting.

Thanks all for your patience.

Kx :)