What time is it??!!

What time is it??!!

I'll tell you what time it is, it's time the 'What Katie Ate - Recipes and other bits and pieces' cookbook went on sale in the United States of America and Canada!!!!

I am SO delighted this day has come, as I am thrilled so many of the loyal Stateside and Canadian fans who read WKA regularly can finally get their mitts on the book. So many readers are located in this neck of the woods, so it is massively satisfying for me to know that at last you can all enjoy the book and not wait any longer as you've all been so incredibly supportive :)

I am also so thankful to all the guys at Viking/Penguin in NYC ~ to Lucia and Anne in particular. The book is available America-wide and in the coming days I'll be able to let you know in more detail exactly which retail shops you can purchase the book from in person, but until then, the best way to grab a copy is via the following online links: Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Also don't forget to keep letting me know your fave recipe to make with a Kitchen Aid mixer or what your cookbook would be called on the current book launch competition. I'll be choosing winners on November 1st. Link here.

Thanks Katie x :)